Monday, January 9, 2017

The Paradise that is Parivar

The holidays are behind us, and we are left with the dregs - a few extra pounds, little presents that still need a place to get put away, Christmas socks. There are several months to come when it will be dark, cold, snowy, bleak, windy, stormy, slippery, and icy.  Most mortals that do not possess that rectangular gold thing they call currency and leave for warmer climes or that "ski" will hunker down to their routines: feed cat or die make bed empty dishrack clean catbox pack car gym shower work work work fight traffic and lousy roads home to warm socks and sweatpants heavy bowls of pasta one more glass TV toothpaste bed. Like the dog, who is highly intelligent, even gods and goddesses and superheroes won't go out.

Now that you are feeling totally depressed, maybe even like a loser, lonely with your Ragu, I am here to help.

Enter paradise: Parivar Grocery and Cafe.

Ample parking in paradise, as well as shopping carts
Fresh vegetables, some weird, totally fascinating.

I've never heard of "snake gourd"

Lots of spices and sauces and mixes, exciting.

Lots of mixes and sauces and jars of stuff and spices everywhere

More types of flour of more types of grain than I've ever seen anywhere - enticing.
They also had a whole display of organic flours, which is cool

Frozed prepared foods and breads and veg - definitely not Stouffer's - who said eating Indian had to be complicated???.
Frozen goes on forever, much of it unusual, which made the visit FUN

As well as staples and basics - beans and beans and peas and lentils - such bounty!
Market32 did not have split peas. Sheesh.
And, if that wasn't overwhelming enough - I ate at the Cafe in the back.  After buying Black Eye Peas and frozen unsweetened coconut and tamarind concentrate and really fresh garlic and a few other goodies, I still ate out.
Menu items include yogurt drinks

The menu isn't extensive, and so I trust it all - Chat (small plates of "street food"), and South Indian specialties (Uttapam, Vada), as well as full dinner options. The kitchen is open and rudimentary but fully staffed with talented cooks turning out what had to be the best Dosa I've ever had.
Spring Dosa

Mistress of the Hounds enjoyed the Spring Dosa ($9.99), rice crepe filled with veggies like potato, onion, carrots and cabbage - beautiful (albeit unusual that it was cut to serve) and super spicy, lots to eat, especially fun with the fresh ginger & coconut chutney, hot sauce and sambar on the side.
Masala Dosa (triangle, not rolled - all the filling in the corner leaving lots of fresh bread to pull out and clean the palette

My Masala Dosa ($7.99) made my eyes water because I was so happy and it was so spicy and then it was gone. Fresh crispy dosa that we could watch being made - pure artistry. Simple and humble, absolute paradise in a bite.
Order at the counter and take a seat and bus your own. Very casual. Parivar means "family". Lovely.... 

Yes, it's still winter. The mornings smell like after shave and car exhaust, cats will sleep, birds will flock to bird feeders, and pigeons perch on the power lines to keep their toes warm. But you will be full and safe and warm and happy with just one visit to Parivar.

Only 70 days until spring. Just sayin'.

Zena, Goddess of Fire

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