Monday, January 4, 2010

Decadent vacation omelette

This is an omelette that will make a hearty vacation breakfast for one person.

I diced one small red potato and chopped half a red onion very fine and browned them slowly over a medium-low flame.

I added salt, freshly ground pepper, paprika and thyme and put the potatos aside. I whisked two eggs - I like brown eggs because buying them increases diversity in the eggs market.

I cooked the eggs rather like I'd cook a crepe. I let them run across the bottom of the pan to create a thin coating. The oil that I used to cook the potato seasoned the skillet perfectly so that the eggs didn't stick at all. I still used a low flame but the accumulated heat in this large iron skillet created enough heat so that within two minutes the eggs were almost done cooking. So I added the potatoes and onions along with a minced sun dried tomato half and a little cream cheese, spreading them out evenly across the potato filling. I turned off the flame so that the heat of the pan could melt the cream cheese and finish the eggs, and folded the omelette over the filling.

I couldn't add all of the potato because it would have torn the eggs when I folded it. It was delicious!

I like the tangy sun dried tomato, which I got late this past summer from The Berry Farm in Chatham. I got a bag of yellow and a bag of red, hoping that I could enjoy some of that summery flavor later in the year. It worked! I've been adding them to all kinds of dishes to very good effect. They have enlivened many soups and the first round of meatballs were made especially good by adding the extra strong and tangy tomato flavor to the onion, lemon, garlic, olive and rosemary sauce.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Meatballs - part deux

If you think of the skillet full of meatballs in yesterday's entry and in your imagination cover them with Larry's chipotle sauce, you've got the right idea about what I tried today.

Since I ate yesterday's meatballs while I was preparing these I'm not going to eat them today (New Year's Day).

Tomorrow I'm going to the Coop to get some lovely organic corn tortillas and I'm gonna have me some tacos albondigas, and if there are good avacados I'm going to try including some slices.

The experiment as a whole has been delicious. I would decrease the amount of rice and dal, because I think they did tend to soak up too much juices and made the meatballs a good deal sturdier than I prefer them.