Friday, September 11, 2009

Capital Thai

Capital Thai is on Central Avenue just west of Westgate shopping Center on the north side of the Avenue. I've been trying different things on the menu and this is the first time I was disappointed.

The joy hoh was savory and spicey, but quite soaked in oil. Not what I would consider to be thoughtfully fried.

The pad see ew was heavy on the chilies, light on the basil and almost void of chicken, the piece on the left being just about the only chicken on the entire platter.

Previously I've enjoyed the soups and salads, so I'm wondering if it's a new cook, a temporary stand in or if the game is over.

Breakfast hash variation - ham scramble

I got a huge ham steak in order to enjoy it a little at a a time by flavoring some of my favorite dishes like ham and beans. As I got down to the last little corner piece of it I was hankering for a nice breakfast hash and it seemed like the perfect flavor. I think calling it hash could actually annoy purists, so I'm calling it a scramble.

After the potatos were perfectly cooked I beat two fresh eggs and added them, folding gently until they were cooked through.

Ketchup as a condiment would fight with the ham, but the fresh tomato slices were lovely.

I got out one of my great aunt Emma's juice glasses for a rare breakfast juice treat and want to point out its size. Four ounces of juice was common in her day. It's really enough juice.