Monday, November 30, 2009

New World Bistro - once again

Having worked an intense afternoon and inadvertently forgotten to pick up my CSA share from Fox Creek Farm, I wandered down Deleware Ave. in search of another good meal from New World Bistro.

The service staff was lovely, I'm very glad to say. I started with a cocktail made from Core Vodka that was just right for a Friday afternoon. It's vodka made from apples out in Valatie and quite wonderful.

After being beautifully warmed by apple vodka I ordered the mussels and they were outstanding. I did just barely resist tilting up the bowl and drinking the hearty broth. Oh! And the topping of matchstick fries was weirdly just right - something to do with the saltiness and crispiness. That's a mustard sauce splashed over the fries and it was perfect - very mellow, but just tart enough to make its presence known.

My little steak was delicious and the salsa verde was the right touch. I also liked the banana ketchup for the fries. I get tired of the same old tomato ketchup, so this was a good variation. The greens were tender and flavorful and a good balance with the steak and fries.

The portions were not for very large lumberjacks, so I was able to actually have my whole dinner in the restaurant. I don't appreciate overlarge portions that force you to take a package home. I detest having to carry around half my dinner or feeling like I've wasted perfectly good food if I leave it. So kudos to NWB for getting that part right also.

I hope I haven't been an outlyer in my experience at the bistro. I think they're producing very good food and I've always had good service from staff who are efficient and knowledgable and cheerful - never snotty or laggardly. I'm looking forward to plenty more dinners with that Orlando touch.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Iron Gate Cafe

I finally tried walking over to the Iron Gate Cafe and had this lovely brunch on Sunday. That's a lovely crab cake under the poached eggs and pesto sauce.

The ambiance and service are also good for a nice Saturday or Sunday brunch.