Thursday, December 31, 2009


What to do with that local grass fed ground beef and local ground lamb I got at Honest Weight Food Coop last week? The only thing I could think of was experiments with meatballs.

Since I'm not currently eating wheat I though it would be interesting to experiment with other ingredients. I chose rice and urad dal. I ground them into powder and added them to the meat, salt, pepper and eggs.

Since the batch was more meat than would fit in my skillet I decided to season the first round with olives, onion, sun dried tomato, rosemary and garlic.

I think the rice and dal worked very well. After browning I put the lid on top and turned down the heat to cook until they were done all the way through.

I'm not sure about the next step, but I think it will involve a sauce of lemon, more garlic and olive oil. Since I won't be having pasta I'm looking forward to a lovely pilaf.

I am planning to try my new chipotle sauce with the second half of the batch. That should be tomorrow.