Tuesday, August 29, 2017

The Time Machine Takes You Back to Vischer Ferry General Store

It's NOT a 2004 Honda Civic EX with 111000 miles on it. It's a horse and carriage. Some days it really is, trust me on that.

Shitbox 4 cylinder.

Anyway, no cape and tights for me today!!!  I've donned my best bonnet and my nice high-necked dress that goes down to my ankles and I spit polished by high boots. Puppy giggled she wasn't wearing a corset but honestly she doesn't need it. Oh, and of course, parasols........... We look HOT.
Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner - a simple menu
We crossed the canal by ferry and passed the VanVrankens with a polite wave before pulling into the Vischer Ferry General Store, in Rexford NY. At this point reality set in as I crashed my bumper into the parking spot. Anyway, this quaint little getaway is only 15 miles from Albany, straight up the Northway, but it felt far away and like we'd gone back in time.
Front entrance with porch seating
Located at the intersection of Vischer Ferry and Riverview Roads, this recently renovated historic structure (damaged by fire in 2013) was carefully and lovingly restored, preserving historic details where possible but installing all new mechanical systems, new windows, etc.. The new owners detail a nice history of the building and neighborhood on their website - very interesting. They really do sell wares - soaps and lotions and mugs and jewelry and cookbooks and stationary and old-fashioned toys, fun to explore while you wait for your order. The floorboards and shelves and lighting and finishes are rustic and serviceable and very cool and relaxing. Nice job.
Knick knacks that smell good
Puppy ordered the Enchilada ($8.99), served straight up with a dollop of sour cream on the side. Loaded with chicken and beans, tortilla (of course), corn, cheese and something green, it was delicious, but it could really have used a side of fresh greens, and maybe it was a bit pricey for what it was.
I enjoyed a Ham, Brie and Fig Sandwich ($6.99), warm and melty on a toasted baguette. Sweet and salty, rich and delicious, though the bread was just a bit too hard and crunchy. I added a bit of that sour cream and a touch of grease was a good thing. I like chips for breakfast. This made me happy.

Breakfast chips
The menu is a bit spartan and simple, but suited to the space. Plenty of staff on hand and everyone was superhero friendly. The environment is funky, family friendly, and casual - it feels like a place for the community to gather. The grounds are lovely, and when the weather is nice you can sit outside or on the porches and take it all in.  Close your eyes and go back in time. Then you won't hear me when I try to start my car.
Enclosed back porch seating

Comfortable relaxed environment

Zena, Goddess of Fire