Monday, April 29, 2013

Mizu Sushi

Since I was passing by at lunch time on Saturday I stopped at Mizu Sushi having read about it in The Masticating Monkey.

I'll add my positive review:


It's tucked away in the teensy Mohawk Plaza, just opposite Balltown Road on State Street on the eastern edge of greater Schenectady, and it's a teensy spot itself, with a nice dining room.

I was the only customer for my late - ish lunch, which was the sake special.  Goodness!  I have a certain set of favorite sushi attributes and this place hits on all of them.  There is a good proportion between the fish and the rice, the temperature is more like room temperature so that the fish is full-flavored along with the rice and the creaminess of the sake is marvelous, making it a lovely complement to the chewiness of the sticky rice. The special included seven pieces of sake sushi and a sake roll.  It was sake heaven.

Since it's so easy to get to, I'll be returning often.  There's a huge menu to try, including a great-looking lunch menu.