Saturday, January 12, 2013

A morning shop in the south end

The signs aren't huge, so keep an eye out once you cross 2nd Ave going out the Avenue

There are a few parking spaces in the plaza but the street may work better for you.

After hearing much about All Good Bakers and The Cheese Traveler I finally made it out to the modest little shops on Delaware Ave, just north of Nicole's Restaurant and Mingle, tucked a bit back from the street.

They were a complete delight.  I picked up a small slice of French aged goat cheese that has one of those phenomenal flavors that keeps unfolding as you and it get more and more intimate with each other. I also got a small log of fresh goat cheese, a pack of frozen sweet Italian sausage, Jan's crackers (my most favorite crackers ever in my whole life), and of course some bread.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Garden Bistro

Due to a sort of wandering around on Friday I ended up at Garden Bistro in Central Square Plaza. The Central Square Plaza is out Central Ave. across from the Kohl's Plaza, just before you reach route 155.  It has a mish mash of businesses, and the Garden Bistro is tucked in the middle.  I had the mussels with lemon pesto sauce.  I LOVE this dish.  I asked for a spoon in order to get every bit of the amazing perfectly balanced sauce which is generously providing a soupy delightful bath for the mussels. Thin slices of tender onion, basel and fresh tomato are swimming contentedly among the nuggets of tastiness.

I prefaced the feast with a huge and delicious martini, and that added quite a happy glow to the occasion. Pommes frites, with ketchup and a horseradish mayo sauce are the standard companion for all the mussels.

I've been to the bistro a few times and have not been able to get past the mussels because they are just so lovely.  They do have a menu that should make a party happy even for those who do not care for mussels, and they always have a special in each category.  Besides the lemon pesto sauce for the mussels there are also a suite of other well-balanced flavors that complement the delicate mussel flavor.

The ambiance in the bistro is warm with browny reds and despite the lack of carpeting, the sound level is busy but very comfortable.  There's a small bar and a good sized dining room.  It was full on Friday, as it should be, since there is much comfort and refreshment to be had within.

I highly recommend the mussels, but it is worth a visit no matter what your mood.