Monday, October 3, 2016

Get Outta Town! - Downtown Bistro, Coxsackie

Downtown Coxsackie (pronounced "Cook-saki"): why would you go there???  

The first time Data invited me down I whined. I didn't want to drive ALL THE WAY to Coxsackie on a "school night", so we made plans for a mid-afternoon meal last Sunday. 

She wanted me to find out for myself what makes this small town so enchanting.

A riverside park on the Hudson River
At first glance I'm like "this is terribly quaint" [boring], and "Who built all those nice houses on Mansion Street?" [heh, probably old and drafty, too], and "what's a sturgeon?" [A: it's where caviar comes from]. I walked around the riverfront park and took in the mighty Hudson, and, being a river rat myself, it filled me with joy and wonder because it really was beautiful. Coxsackie looks like Hudson did 15 years ago: run down and quiet, but it appears that it, too, is being bought up and gentrified and repaired, with a gallery and a few artsy folks drifting about. Oh, and now they have Downtown Bistro.  
Cute little downtown storefronts I hope they preserve

Stone Mocha IPA and some mysterious clear stuff I didn't drink but I should have
They had about 8 or so beers on tap, none from NY (tsk tsk) but I enjoyed a Stone Mocha IPA ($6) - aromas of coffee and chocolate, not sweet at all - I loved it! The space is classy yet casual, with a few "regulars" at the bar (I'm assuming it's the only place in town to go watch the game and have a brew, at least for now). There's a back patio with a water view although it was a bit too breezy the day I visited so we sat inside on wide comfy stools at a high top. The vibe was neighborhood, laid back, but still elegant in its way. Really nice staff, young but very professional.  

Bar area, high tops with wide comfortable seating, including a foot rest

There's lots of variety on the menu - a nice list of starters, crispy pizzas, mussels, mac n' cheese, pasta, roast pork, amazing desserts - American traditional, for the most part, with a few twists. I think they are doing some high end, creative things for your dollars, even when it comes to wings (blood orange and habanero!? - wow!). Most dishes are about $20 and under, steaks more, burgers (including bison and duck) start at $10 - very reasonable prices too. The entrees all start with salad - this one was simply dressed with a house vinaigrette.
Data enjoyed one of the special entrees, Lavender Balsamic Glazed Chicken ($18), topped with prosciutto and a brown sugar glaze. Although there was hardly even a floral scent to the chicken, it was still tasty, definitely sweet, perfectly cooked white breast meat with a load of spinach hiding underneath.   

And turned - Lavender Balsamic Glazed Chicken
I went small with an app that was really a lunch portion - the Spinach Roll ($9) - a generous serving of garlicky greens wrapped in fresh pasta and baked, topped with red sauce and shaved parm. Delicious, sublime, simple -  though the pasta had dried out more than it should have, I still ate and genuinely enjoyed every bite. 

I didn't share more than a bite, it was so good!
Data finished up with a Chocolate Peanut Butter Mousse Cake ($6) - creamy, rich, with a touch of salt, perfectly balanced flavors that melt in your mouth. 

Dessert - who can go wrong with PB and chocolate???

There were quite a few folks calling ahead and picking up to-go dinners, as well as assorted pastry and a few high-end grocery items, so DB is doing what it can to give the community what it needs, including trivia night, if you are game!!!
A few staples in case you forgot your truffle oil

Downtown Bistro is only 30 minutes from downtown Albany so really, get outta town: buzz down, explore, take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy.

Zena, Goddess of Fire

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