Tuesday, August 30, 2016

DOING DISHES: Chicken Parm at Bellini's

I was buzzing from a big night of fighting off more zombies in Guilderland (that's a problem out there), and I needed a pasta and chicken parmesan fix, bad, real bad.
Scenic strip malls in Albany, NY
So on Saturday noontime it was off to Bellini's, located in just another scenic strip mall down in Slingerlands at the intersection of 85 and New Scotland Road, with two great friends for toasts to summer. Yes, I love the luxury of daytime drinking, don't you? There was a nice selection of reds ($25-$130/bottle), most (if not all) available by the glass. TBB ordered a glass of the Josh Cellars, Cab Sav ($10)  - a reliable choice. There were fewer whites but what we had we quite enjoyed. I tried the Massimo Sauvignon Blanc (NZ, $8/glass) - grassy and crisp, and Stitch treated herself to the house Pinot Grigio, Tiziano, Toscano ($7.75).
A casual dining space with a touch of class - clean except for a fly that liked me very, very much
We talked a lot and finally, buzzing again and being buzzed (see above caption), we ordered.

They had "salad", and "soup". Stitch loved her soup/salad combo ($9) - choosing a small but hearty bowl of Florentine (chicken & mushrooms, spinach) - creamy, delightful, with tender greens and meat, followed by a house salad (cranberries, cuke and a cherry tomato with mesclun greens). The cranberries were delightful, as was the housemade balsamic dressing, topped with a generous helping of shaved parmesan. Not a big lunch but filling enough and delicious, especially if you have a slice of their warm, traditional light crusty Italian bread along with your meal, served with a bit of basil oil or butter if you prefer.
Florentine soup (above), and the house salad "Di Casa"

TBB asked for the Caserta Salad ($10.95) without the proscuitto or mozz, with a topping of herb grilled chicken ($6.00). She said "wow, this is the best dressing I ever had", pumping the waitress for details. We got mixed messages at first, but it's a simple mix of OJ and lemon juice and mustard, oil, S&P. Five stars!!!
The most delicious salad dressing in the universe
Of course, I ordered the Parmigiano (pan fried chicken cutlet, marinara cream sauce, lots of rigatoni/$12.95), as well as the aforementioned house salad ($5.95). The cutlet was served hot, the meat was succulent and fork tender with crispy edges, the cheese was gooey, the pasta was perfect al dente, and I would have licked the plate clean the sauce was so tasty. I tried to eat the whole thing but there WAS alot of pasta, so I finally had to stop. It was SO good, I really must go back any second now for another round. If I can take down zombies, I think I can take out a dinner portion.
A perfect cutlet - with a hearty portion of pasta. Burp. Excuse me. 
Lunch for three ladies, including four glasses of wine (yep, I had two!), plus tax, came to $84.

Cheers to friends and summer!!!  xxx

Zena, Goddess of Fire

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