Monday, February 29, 2016

The BurgerFi IF-Burger

If I had time to make a lunch last night, if I had eaten breakfast before my all morning meeting, and if I had more sense I wouldn't be doing this. Again.

The race is on for another burger.

BUT so many burgers! So little time. I've GOT to make a decision - where to go??? Convenient? Cheap? Drive thru? What about the fries? Maybe a vegetarian option???? Crap fix or should I be a good girl??? 

I want to be a good girl but I'm really not, but if I had to be good I'd be at BurgerFi. This franchise, new to the area on Route 9 in Latham, is conveniently located near Red Robin and McDonalds. That's funny to me, and if I had a point I might make it. Anyway, it has a philosophy of real food: from the farm (as opposed to what? and I ask that as if I really wanted to know), never frozen, no microwaves, no antibiotics or hormones or heat lamps, real sugar cane sodas (as if that was really healthier!), and that's all good (if it's all true) - much better than most "fast food" places seem to offer. AND they sell craft beer and wine. Score one with Mom. 

A lovely exterior that is not red and yellow for a change
If you also want to dance, the new BurgerFi in Latham is rockin' the music pretty loud in what was a comfortably busy room during lunch hour. The menu isn't extensive but there are choices, including burgers (and all kinds of extra toppings with an upcharge each), hot dogs, chicken dogs, veggie burgers (from the farm, I hope), fries and onion rings, as well as a few fountain drinks (Coke). There's a nice patio on the side offering some shade in the summer months if you don't mind the hum of traffic and the scent of exhaust in the wind. Clean, bright, and otherwise forgetful decor. 
The inside is bright and clean and noisy
Foodie Friend enjoyed a Breakfast All Day Burger topped with maple bacon, cheese, hashbrowns, onions and an egg ($7.67) - a big bite that was both sweet and salty, juicy but not drippy: all the flavors came together nicely. Her "fresh squeezed" (really???) lemonade was very sweet and sugary; blick ($2.50). She wasn't crazy about the cookie sheet for a tray but I still think that's better than tons of paper. 
Breakfast All Day Burger was great!
I had the standard BurgerFi Burger ($5.97) - two patties with lettuce and tomatoes and BurgerFi sauce (whatever that is) - cooked right, not too salty or heavily seasoned: it tasted like a good burger. The fries were fresh, skin-on, lots of 'em (small, $3.27), and pretty good.  The shake was super sweet, sort of chocolatey and gooey like pudding ($4.47 and I didn't finish it). If I had to say, lunch was much, much better than I expected. 

Lots of fries makes the burger look small, but it wasn't. Both were very tasty.
BurgerFi is worth a try
and, if it's all true, not saying it isn't, even with a smirk
I like that they are promising better quality food on the fly
For us superheroes that need to get back to work! 

Zena, Goddess of Fire (and now Food Poet)

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