Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Olde English Pub and Pantry

Not having grown up in pubs or bars in the US, I had no idea that I'm a  sucker for pub and bar food. So when I've made my visits to Quackenbush Square I've looked forward eagerly to those intense flavors that are made to go with beer and cider at Ye Olde English Pub and Pantry.

Now that summer is over the extensive garden will have to wait for a few months, but it looks lovely and comfortable with cheery umbrellas. There's loads of parking in back if you drive through the alleyway between Olde English and the Albany Pump Station brewery, so you don't need to worry.

I was surprised at the dark wood and funky pub atmosphere. Having wiled away many an hour in British pubs while visiting there I'd say the feeling is right to a certain extent.  There are North American people inside, so it can't quite be the same no matter how it looks. There's a small dining room behind the bar and a bigger room upstairs with plenty of board games and other entertainments made for long afternoons or evenings with friends.

I ordered this wonderful pickle plate of nuts and pickles to get started on the night I had the cheese plate  for supper.  The pickles were superb!

I think they call it the ploughman's lunch but if one man can eat all that cheese I would be very afraid of that man.  It's cheese and bread for several people with a salad in the middle. Share with friends or plan to take half the cheese home with you.

I'm not going to try to talk about all the beers and ales because you can go online and see their menu here.  I tried the Sir Jerry pear cider (yum) and a few different beers and found them all delightful.

It's not fine dining,  that's down the block, but it's got a variety things you want to eat and drink when you're out with friends for a nosh or going to a show in the theater district.  Shepherd's pie and meat pie both make an appearance. Wings are probably among the most familiar items.   I sampled the colcannon croquets and was appropriately blissed out. There are not too many ways you can do something like colcannon badly. The beef Wellington bites were also a guilty pleasure. The burgers are good, according to my companions, and there are soups, salads and dinner entrees.  It's not an extensive menu. but enough variety so that all in a party should find something tasty if not the most elegant food around.

LorreBob sez: check it out, my love.

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