Wednesday, August 19, 2015

They're baaaaaack! Cafe Dali Mamma 41 State St.

Upon hearing that Dali Mamma is up and open again, I was delighted to get a chance to try them for breakfast recently.  Yum!  As I was ordering my delicious egg sandwich, I kept seeing deliveries from local farms and producers.  I like this. I was most pleased to see that they care about having reusable utensils and mugs.  But then I also discovered that they want us to compost our food scraps and recycle.  This is my kind of place.

One orders at the counter and the staff assembles everything at that point, so it's really fresh and you have many choices of breads, making your own custom plate.

My pals, being foodies, also wanted to try out the lunch fare, so we went together and had a sampling. Many of the offerings can be either a salad or a sandwich, so my friend Zena had the Beverwijck beef, which she said was interesting and good, with beet-infused horseradish and sweet potatoes. She said they could lose the cous cous, as it was virtually flavorless. And they could peel the beets too.

I had  the Happy Turkey Harvest Slaw as a salad and enjoyed the tender moist turkey and veggies.

Our third companion tried the curried chicken salad  with no fancy name, and was also pleased. The service was a bit breathless, and we couldn't explain why this sandwich was prepared for takeout, but such is the service in a new place at times.

I kept getting a sort of "throwback" feeling as I was hanging out in the space and then I almost screamed when I realized that it's decorated in earth colors.  Yes, this truly IS a reincarnation of the 70s, with that wholesome food and *don't be so blinking pretentious* air about it.

There's also an entrance from Broadway.

I felt the service was good - mostly from behind the counter, however we did wonder how they'd keep up with a big crowd. And I hope they get plenty of big crowds!

Check out the menu here:

LorreBob sez: When you are in the mood for good food and a nice space, go to Dali Mamma.  She will take care of you.


Anonymous said...

Incredible food and service! There was a large crowd present when I was there, but that didn't stop my food from coming out within minutes of ordering. I had the curried chicken salad sandwich and it was the best I ever had - with just a touch of "heat" - loved it! My friend had the tuna sandwich, it it too was outstanding, fresh tasting and definitely no skimping on ingredients. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming, the decor was artsy, the place - spotless....I have nothing but praises for the Mama!

frank barrie said...

We have only 5 Albany listings in our New York dining directory- so elated that Dali Mamma is up and running again.
Enjoying your blog focused on my hometown!
Best wishes- Frank