Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Chester's Smokehouse

After renovating the space over many months, Chester's is open and stocked with an impressive array of meats. 15 Watervliet Ave. is just off Central Ave. and very close to Honest Weight Coop.

They started with an old bar and converted the space into an open store with great light, shiny tiles, and a soon-to-be sandwish station, lined with coolers of different kinds to accommodate all the types of meats they process.

I bypassed the larger cuts and put my focus on the deli counter. While I was choosing from the wide variety of possibilities the place filled up and orders were quickly dispatched by the knowlegable staff. The list from their web site says it all: ring bologna, knockwurst, hot dogs, mini hot dogs, pastrami, ham bologna, ham kielbasa, bacon, Canadian bacon, stuffed bacon, smoked pork tenderloin, shinken speck, boiled ham, italian sausage, ring kielbasa, hunter kielbasa, cheddar kielbasa, double smoked kielbasa, link or country kielbasa, roast pork belly, roast pork, capicola, smoked beef loin, small hams, pepper loaf... and the list goes on.  Chances are they have your favorite smoked meat.

When my turn came I selected from one of their many kinds of kielbasa - I prefer just the generic ring kielbasa. I also couldn't resist the pancetta with black pepper and garlic and some smoked pork chops.

Everything looked tempting, especially their house made jerky - and I'm not even especially a fan of jerky! 

Now that I've tasted what I brought home I'll definitely be going back to sample more from those huge cases. I must definitely try the jerky and ham, and the hot dogs, and get more of that fabulous capicola... you get my drift.

LorreBob sez check it out!
Post what you try in the comments.

Chester's Smokehouse facebook page: //www.facebook.com/pages/Chesters-Smokehouse/

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