Friday, April 3, 2015

There's No Hole in My Doughnut - Nibble, Inc.

I have to say upfront that I have a love-hate relationship with the doughnuts at Nibble, Inc. in Troy. 

I love the shop, which is on the corner of 5th and Broadway, near Finnbar's, where apparently both of the main crew at Nibble did some time. It's tastefully appointed and has a gorgeous view of the street on two sides.  One cannot ask for more while having doughnuts and coffee.  

I LOVE the flavors, which I feel are works of culinary art.  I mean seriously yum. No, I mean you must go and try these extraordinary doughnuts.

They are based on potato flour, and that makes them different from the other doughnuts out there, so try not to go with the expectation that these are going to be just your common doughnut that you've had all your life.  Plus the fillings in their signature doughnuts are superbly crafted, and unlike any of the drek that ends up in most average doughnuts. For these fillings alone you should get yourself to the shop and see what I mean. I had the  local lemon and blackberry cassis signature style just to get started, and my recommendation is that you either go with several people so you can get a good sampling or get a dozen for the office and slice them up so you can get a variety of flavors.

And now to what broke my heart and  makes me want to rave - so I will. The most obvious difficulty is that they're too blinking big to bite. It's like trying to eat one of those 4 inch high hamburger sandwiches. In other words, I ended up wanting to throw them across the room, except they were too delicious. I tried to bite the lemon and it is tough and so I merely dragged it off the doughnut and slapped myself in the face with it while the unbelievably delicious lemon sauce (I can't call it curd) proceeded to run down my face and deposit itself on my shirt. I won't sing the whole litany of problems I had actually ingesting this fascinatingly delicious bit of fried dough. It would be long. Suffice it to say this is not the sort of eating experience I want to have. Do I REALLY have to get out a fork to eat a doughnut?  Especially in a place that just has disposable utensils and no real crockery? A doughnut that requires a plastic fork?  I'm not happy with it.  

When I asked for a re-usable cup one that obviously was fished out of an obscure location and hastily washed was produced.  I was suspicious.

I will go back because it's like a candle flame for a moth, but I'm taking my stainless steel knife and fork, my own real plate so that I can actually use the knife and fork, and my own mug for the coffee. I like them enough to do that kind of work to eat them.

Get their full menu and more at the site: 

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