Sunday, August 15, 2010

Lamb meatballs - another try...nom nom nom

I know you may be weary of looking at my iron skillet, but I'm not - especially since these meatballs seem to be a better-than-average version.

I began with a pound and a half of ground lamb from Guido's, which is becoming  one of my favorite grocery shops in the area.  In the past I've tried ground urud dal and ground rice as binders,  both of which I think made the meatballs especially heavy.  I'm trying to avoid breadcrumbs, because I may be reacting negatively to wheat these days.  Today as I was getting the lamb into the mixing bowl I noticed my new bag of whole oats and into the grinder they went, about a quarter cup of them.  I added salt and pepper and three medium eggs, then about three tablespoons of chopped fresh mint, two tablespoons of dried oregano, the juice of one lemon and four finely chopped sun dried tomato halves.

I was listening to a podcast about the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico or otherwise I would have remembered to add the garlic and chopped onion.

I heated the skillet and added some olive oil and browned them gently, then put in chopped olives, chopped garlic and sprigs of rosemary.  Since I like to put the whole lemon in with chickens, I put the rest of the lemon into the skillet before putting on the lid to simmer everything and let the flavors mingle and cook the oats.

I've now tasted four of them and they're awfully good.  I think the oats added nice things to the texture and did not make them as heavy as the ground dal or the ground rice. The lemon, tomato and olive add tartness and the mint adds a nice savory note.  I wish I had parsley, and must remember to add that next time.  I'm contemplating making a sort of onion marmelade.

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