Saturday, June 13, 2009

Beef and bok choy breakfast soup

Since I had some small steaks it seemed like a perfect opportunity to make a beef soup. I also wanted to try out some great wide rice noodles I got at Lee's grocery.

Today's soup started with browning about three oz. of the beef after slicing it into bite size pieces. I had some fresh early garlic sprouts and sliced bulbs and leaves into the mix, then added six stalks of the bok choy. I put in some stock to enrich the broth, then added a few drops of sesame oil and about a half teaspoon of garlic chili sauce. I almost forgot the fresh ginger, but was able to drop it in at the last minute.

Good morning yumminess!!


Jay Travis said...

omg yes! nicecombo :-) soupp is an underatted dish to begin with but breakfast?...nice.

Jay Travis said...

btw follow me if you want i just started today :-) its