Sunday, June 21, 2009

Salad dressings

Last night I made a small salad of farm fresh greens with radishes. But the exciting part is the dressing. I love improvising dressings of all kinds.

I began with ginger juice and then added apricot jam. Then I pulled my bottle of german herbed vinegar from the shelf. I got it at Rolf's and it's wonderfully fragrant. It overwhelmed the apricot jam a bit, so I added a little honey to round it off.

I drizzeled a little olive oil over the greens and radishes and tossed them until they were coated, then added salt and pepper. I added the vinaigrette and tossed lightly. I took a handful of toasted nuts and chopped them roughly, then sprinkled them on top.

Then I absorbed it with great pleasure.

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