Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Merci Buckets, Chez Mike!

In the desert there was a strip mall, with all the same stores they all have, and lo, a star shone brightly and there, tucked along the back, was a miracle, and it was Chez Mike. 

And we beheld our sandwiches and were grateful. 

Onion had the Burger ($10.99), which was cooked exactly right, served on a perfectly toasted bun that held up well to the filling - cheese AND bacon contrasting with those cold tomato slices and lettuce - he bowed his head and ate it all. The fries were amazing - seasoned with rosemary and sea salt but not with a heavy hand, these were crispy but not hard on the outside and perfectly squishy inside like a saved soul. 
Burger, an 8 oz Angus with Applewood-Smoked Bacon, Cheddar, Rosemary & Sea Salt Fries
Red enjoyed a Chicken Salad BLT ($11.99), commenting that she liked the dark toast, the tender meat, and a great taste of bacon. She also enjoyed those fries, much to my dismay, as it made it very very hard to steal them, but that would have been a sin, so I asked first. 

Chicken Salad BLT, Applewood Smoked Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato and those amazing fries on her side of the plate
Pony was graced by a Roast Turkey sandwich ($10.99) and loved her crunchy bread and moist turkey, wishing perhaps for a bit more red onion and cranberry mayo, or a little bit more taste to the rosemary bread, but it was excellent. Best part of her meal were the sweet potato fries on the side - dark, crispy on the outside, soft inside, not too sweet, lightly salted - she said these were the best she'd ever had. Reverently, we each tried them and heard the angels singing.

Roast Turkey with Cranberry Mayo, Red Onion, Lettuce on Toasted Rosemary Bread
Just to be difficult, which I do very well, thank you, so no, I'm not going to heaven, but that's another discussion, I ordered the Kale Caesar without the kale because I'm sick of kale ($11.99) - which they were happy to do, subbing Romaine instead (our server pointed out that they are asked to do this almost every day). It was topped with not enough smoked chicken, some crunchy little croutons, and a few roasted tomatoes (which I liked, but not with the salad). Still, it was a generous portion and the lettuce was fresh and crisp. However, the dressing needs salvation: it was very heavy and tasted like mayo - a few extra lemon wedges, salt, and pepper helped but it was pretty bland. But no worries, the angels are watching over you. 

This is not a Caesar Salad, in case you didn't notice. It is the cookies they comped us at the end. Tasty!
The dessert menu has a nice selection, all house made, and it changes daily, including homemade ice cream at $2/scoop (with flavors like pecan & cinnamon!). Some are VERY interesting, like the Ricotta Mousse with Fresh Strawberries and Black Pepper - but I was full and happy so I will have to wait to be reborn or return the next time to dig into those goodies.

Good food, comfortable booths, linen napkins, heavy tableware, fresh flowers, and cheerful service all made for a lovely meal. Truly we are blessed by their attention to detail. 

Merci buckets, Mike - lunch today was tres bon!!!

Low light, cheery setting, tin ceilings, Hudson River themed artwork

Bar area tucked away in back looking a little like a lost soul

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Julie said...

Love this place! They gave us a rice crispy treat at the end :).