Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Heaven is a Deli

Zena, Goddess of Fire wishes to report that heaven is actually located at 1197 Central Avenue, not far from the Moon and the Stars. Yes, heaven is a deli, known locally as Pellegrino's Importing.
Plenty of parking out front
The sandwiches are made by angels offering one on one service, and these sandwiches are divine. These are prepared to order while you wait, nice and fresh. Try the Italian Mix - spicy and rich. These guys will also save you time while they lift your soul by allowing you to order ahead. In addition to sandwiches Pellegrino's also offers sliced meats and cheeses by the pound. They do party platters, catering, and now have a dinner menu to go. Boars Head is their brand of choice - they know quality, and if it isn't, there's no place in Pellegrino's or heaven for it, and that includes sliced ham.

Boar's Head prevails. 
 The deli has lots of dry beans and lentils, bins of olives, prepared salads and lovely imported cheeses. The French and Greek feta cheeses are both creamy and zingy - the French is a bit less expensive - both are good in spinach pie. I always get my Parm there, grated, and they know to package up the rinds for me so I can use it in soups (they have extras under the counter if you want more). Their house made summer sausage is fabulous, and only available for a short time - loaded with garlic - try some on the grill! I bought a couple of pounds for the July 4th holiday and the whole neighborhood could smell my cooking - delicious straight up - no condiments required. Insert harp music here.
Bins of olives and dried beans, fresh salads, and home made sausage
The grocery section is well stocked with cured meats, frozen raviolis, canned tomatoes, pastas, coffee, anchovies, roasted red peppers, and other delights. There's a whole long shelf of just olive oil in small bottles and large cans. The Greek EVOO is a nice light green color, perfect for salads. Also fresh filo in the fridge (not the dried up stuff you find in the supermarkets). Yes, it may be heaven but they will help you cook like a demon if that's what you like.
Lots of tomato products and oils to choose from
Many types of dried pastas available. A sunny space to sit and eat with a few tables outside.
If you have questions about what you're buying, just ask one of the guys - they are knowledgeable and always happy to help. Those aren't aprons they're wearing, they're wings.

Hunks of cheese and cured meats in the fridges
xxx Zena

(Proscuitto!!!  Bless you...)

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derryx said...

I have a hard time explaining the style deli my dad owned where I basically spent most of my free time as a teenager and visiting college student in terms of the places that exist in the area. Roma is an ok match but has too much of a supermarket feeling.
I actually went to Pellegrino for the very first time last week and found it's the closest to that style deli I've seen around here. From the way things are arranged to the packaging, there are a lot of good matches.
I enjoyed their Italian mix, too, and was happy its not the usual ham (or "cappy"), salami, provolone.