Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Made in the Shade: The Iron Gate Cafe

The weather is lovely, and what better time to sit outside and enjoy your meal.
Gated courtyard

But Zena, Goddess of Fire, isn't all that impressed with what most places offer in terms of plein air dining around the Capital Region.

I do not want to sit in the blazing sun - I'm already too hot for that. I don't want there to be so much wind that paper goods and umbrellas go flying every which way. But I don't want bugs, either. And please, please, not on the sidewalk - too dirty and noisy plus you have to deal with the random zombie - you know the kind that lurch past and ask for handouts before puking on your shoes. Oh, and please, spare me the view of a parking lot.
Take out menu

The Iron Gate Cafe, a little breakfast and lunch spot, has indoor seating, and take away, but if you can, take your meal outside in the courtyard patio - it's shaded, set back from the road, intimate, quiet, and truly peaceful.
The courtyard for patio dining

The food is first rate - I enjoyed a Caesar Salad with Chicken ($9.50) - lots of fresh greens cut just the right size, a rich garlickly dressing, and a generous portion of warm meat. It was a little bit dry, and heavily spiced with oregano (making me think that they are prepping it for more than one dish), but nothing a bit of freshly squeezed lemon and extra dressing couldn't fix. Jaguar had a Turkey Terrific sandwich - a large ciabatta roll with sliced turkey, arugula, and bacon made extra wonderful with a horseradish sauce ($8.95). This is a big bite - half made a good lunch. Very nice.
Turkey Terrific sandwich. Good chips. 

Generous serving of Chicken Caesar Salad

Nothing fancy - wholesome food with daily specials, friendly service, nice setting. Iron Gate is a delight.

What are your favorite outdoor dining spots in the area???  I'd love to put a list together for our readers.

Zena, Goddess of Fire

P.S. They also do brunch Saturday and Sunday 9:00 to 3:00.  Lots of eggs also salads and alkeehawl.

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