Saturday, February 27, 2010

Five Guys

I was in the Stuyvesant Plaza area recently and had heard that Five Guys burgers and fries opened a new shop in the old Denny's building across Western Ave. Thinking that perhaps I missed something when I went to the stop over in Schenectady, I stopped in, expecting a nice experience. Boy was I ever disappointed.

Ick, yuk, pui.

Not only is the ambiance sort of like the skating hut on Ann Lee pond only worse, the fries were completely bitter and the cheeseburger was about the ugliest I've ever seen, the pasty whitebread bun was a shrunken mess and the beef had next to no flavor at all.

Whoever called this horror "heaven on a bun" must have been delusional.

LorreBob sez: don't bother.


Albany Jane said...

Aw bummer - that's weird about the fries. I'll have to check them out. Maybe fries for lunch are in order.

Jennifer said...

To each his own. I like them but I wouldn't say the burgers were "heaven on a bun." They'd have to put out a pretty spectacular burger to get me to say that. And that likely would not come from a sort of fast food place.