Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I was shopping at the Berkshire food coop and they had pollock caught off Cape Cod, so that sounds local enough for me. I got enough for a few servings across this week. I started out thinking I was going to bake it with salsa. As I was choosing it a fellow shopper was musing about what a great frying fish it is for my benefit. So I changed my narrow thinking and decided to give frying a try, even though I had convinced my fellow customer that baking with salsa was a fine idea.

Since I haven't had a greens salad in awhile I picked up a box of organic spring greens. I was dreaming of using my spiced pears from The Berry Farm out in Chatham.

I sprinkled the greens with a little walnut oil and then seasoned them with salt and pepper. I took a little apple cider vinegar, garlic and some of my jaggery syrup - just enough to keep the vinegar from puckering my lips. The spices in the syrup resonated with the delicately spiced pears and it was all good.

Setting all that aside, my real labors began. I chopped a large onion and some sun dried tomato, then pitted my herbed green olives and dropped in a few nicoise olives for the dramatic blackness of it all. I thought rosemary and oregano would add umph but not be overly heavy. Once the onions were tender I took all that out of the pan and dusted the pollock with cornmeal and dropped it in until the meal was crispy on both sides. Then I put the veg/olive mix over the fish and added freshly squeezed lemon juice.

I made a rice pilaf that complemented all the strong flavors. I'm not sure why the photos look so wonky but it could have been the combination of using a different camera than I have been for a few months and the gin and tonic that started this cooking adventure. More study is needed.

To top it off I had lemon curd with raspberries and blueberries from the WinterSun Farms winter CSA share. It was spoon-licking delicious.


Jennifer said...

I wish I liked fish, you dish sounds really good. Pollock is a mild fish, no? I keep thinking of trying some mild white fish to get myself over my aversion.

Albany Jane said...

Woah mama, salad!

LorreS said...

The trick is not necessarily to start with something mild, but to have a terrific sauce or salsa. I can't really tell what is "mild" because I really love fish and the stronger the better for me. Maybe someone else can help you in that regard.