Monday, February 22, 2010

Aperitivo Bistro

I was on State Street in Schectady Friday night and looking for a nice dinner. I found one at Aperitivo Bistro.

I ordered the cocktail special Artini -- the color matched my clogs! It was citrus-y and a wonderful antidote for a long week and pounding the pavement looking at art on Jay Street. The staff was attentive without being overbearing, and I felt that all my questions and requests were given very good responses.

The mussels with broth - yes, there's a beautiful broth under that pile- were a superb starter. I asked for a spoon to scoop up as much as I could of the wine lemon tomato and herbs deliciousness.

I had the lobster special and also enjoyed it. The creamy sauce in front is a chipotle concoction, wisely added to the side. Otherwise it would have smothered the delicate lobster flavor. I used it sparingly. Supporting the lobster tail underneath was a creamy bed of polenta. Its texture was very smooth and it was a lovely foil for both the lobter and the chipotle sauce. I kept mixing forksful of the three main elements with different proportions of each and had a grand time. It was satisfying without being totally overwhelming, so I had the creme brulee after consulting with the very good staff person about dessert sizes. The creme brulee seems to be the smallest. I struggled with resisting the coconut cream pie, but the staffperson assured me that it's huge.

The creme brulee was so good that I forgot to take a photo. It looked like the standard little white ramekin, but was served on a small tray with carmel sauce and raspberries to the side. It was a perfect finish.

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Albany Jane said...

I love getting mouthfuls of all the food I eat. So odd sometimes, but everything always tastes so good. Or, y'know, I'm just greedy ;)