Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mr. Pio Pio

Mr. Pio Pio on Quail Street is a happy discovery with not only deliciously marinated and grilled meats, but Spanish tv and Spanish speaking fellow customers, so you can practice your Spanish (or feel right at home if you speak it). It's between Western Ave. and Washington Ave. near State - close to the Last Vestige record shop.

Besides an interesting selection of sodas, there are several fruit juices. I enjoy the mango.

Ok, it's true, I forgot to take a photo when the food arrived. So here's at least a photo with most of the foods involved in "Bandeja Tipica" still on the plate: steak, crackling, avacado, egg, sweet plaintain. Very generous portions of beans and rice arrive with most entrees - the rice is exactly my favorite kind of rice, long grain, sticky and somewhat al dente and the most wonderful complement to the savory beans.


jess said...

I keep meaning to check this place out. Thanks!

brigid.nia said...

My brothers have raved about this place. Can't wait to get in there.

It was nice chatting with you at Daily Grind Friday morning. Good luck with your adventures!