Friday, April 3, 2009

Albaraki mezza

Albaraki is a teensy place, just down from the corner of Lark and Washington (185 1/2 Lark), and also in downtown Troy. I have been completely seduced by the batata with garlic sauce. But Tuesday when I was looking for something nice and not fried I decided upon the mezza platter, small size.

One stuffed grape leaf, olive, hummus, babaganouj and tabouleh comprise this beautiful mezza. The lemony flavors and the perfect roasted flavor of the babaganouj provide a good deal of enjoyment, plus the chewey bread and different textures. I decided to spread out the flat bread on a plate and put the treats on top of it, thinking I could tear off pieces and dip them and then munch the last of the bread with all the good juices and bits rolled up inside.

Bella! Bella! Bellissimo!! Lorre-Bob sez check it out.

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