Sunday, April 5, 2009

Bagel with smoked salmon

In the middle of building the second bagel half, I've started with the cream cheese so that the capers and onions will stick to it. That way they won't be slipping, slipping, slipping on the lettuce and tomato.

The wonderful fish and saltiness mixed with the pumpernickel almost sweetness makes it mondo tasty.


Anonymous said...

where did you enjoy this wonderful breakfast? If at home, please let us know the brands/ variety of lox...cream cheese....etc

thanks for making my mouth water

LorreS said...

This particular bagel is to be had from the Daily Grind.

I have also enjoyed the bagel with smoked salmon platter from Gershon's deli in Niskayuna on Union Street.

Albany Jane said...

I could eat smoked salmon every day - delish!