Friday, January 16, 2009

Breakfast soup

On a cold wintry day like today a good hot noodle soup makes an excellent breakfast.

Today I used onion, the leftover braised pork from the fridge, scallions, garlic and ginger.

I like ground white pepper and a package of ramen noodles - I don't use the flavor pack that comes with, but season things from my own cabinets. A little chili garlic sauce from Lee's grocery on Central Ave. and things are quite spicey.

Since I grew up in the midwest where things weren't very spicey, I only use a little of the chili garlic paste, and at the end I like to add a few drops of sesame oil for a beautiful savory flavor.

Today's garnish is scallions, but cilantro is tasty as well.

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llcwine said...

I could use some of this now...sneezing my head off...