Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Philly cheese steak

Inspired by the Profussor and with a curiosity born of feeling like I had never tasted the real thing, I found myself in Latham, searching for the new Dnipro store and voila!  There was the Philly Bar and Grill, and it wasn't too early to consider a cheese steak sandwich for dinner.  I've tasted Philly cheese steak sandwiches in the past and never been impressed, although I admit to a longing for them to be all that I want in a steak and cheese sandwich. When the Profussor claimed that it's the roll that allows the rest to be correct and proper, I was willing to believe that this could indeed be the secret.

I ordered an Angry Orchard hard cider and I really enjoy it's full-bodied and sweet character.  This is no light, dry cider.   It was a great compliment to the cheesy sandwich.

Since the sandwich is a menu highlight there are complicated instructions and way too many choices for a beginner to feel confident, but I sipped my Angry Orchard cider and decided to be strong.  I ordered beef with onion straws,mushrooms, and Cheese Wiz.  What arrived was a  monster of a sandwich.  I put the fork in the photo above so that it would be clear that this not just a sandwich.  In order to manage I took to using my knife and fork so that I wouldn't be covered in liquid cheese wiz and steak juice.

It is clear that the superior roll makes this sandwich something that it would not be without it.  The roll's texture and flavor contain the steak, cheese onions and mushrooms with no leaks or tears.  

As I was contemplating how to eat this behemoth I nibbled on the onion straws and they were yukky. They were cold.  A few moments on the grill would have turned them into something special and worthy of the sandwich, but as they were they didn't enhance anything, and I wouldn't go for them again unless the cook knew his way around them.

With those small complaints I really enjoyed this sandwich.  I ended up just eating the meat and mushrooms for the second half, which probably made it look as though I didn't like it -- but it was great and I will visit again when the urge moves me.

LorreBob sez check it out, but go for the straight classic.


Daniel B. said...

I'm really glad you enjoyed the cheesesteak. I'm also really glad that I wasn't there to see you eating it with a fork and knife.

Have you ever seen Jon Stewart's rant about eating pizza with a fork and knife? Well, mine would be kind of like that. But probably not as funny.

Thanks for the intel on Dnipro btw. I hope it stays put this time, and I'll try to get another visit in when I return.

LorreS said...

It was either the knife and fork or a bib [which I have considered carrying in my purse]. If I can find a burger with a roll that good I will be all over it.

Now for the pedantic part of the comment:

Stewart's rant was about being authentically Italian in New York City.

When I was in London NO ONE - NOT ONE PERSON ate pizza with their fingers. It was all knife and fork all the time.