Saturday, August 3, 2013

Honest Weight's new incarnation

The best laid plans can go awry, so yes, I haven't been such a diligent writer in the early part of the year.  But I'm revved now.

I've been working as a shopper's helper in the new Honest Weight store and it has been very hard work, but also a delight.  I tend to get a lot of comments from shoppers and they're overwhelmingly positive.  So my job is to learn where everything is and then help everyone else find it.  That means I spend a lot of hours cruising the shelves and just memorizing.  Now that it's a large grocery store that is no small task.  But after several weeks of 3 hour shifts on Saturdays I'm getting a grip on it.

I'm constantly intrigued by the products, like in the yogurt section.  This section, which not only holds about 50 linear shelf feet of yogurts, also has some of the more esoteric cultured dairy products and some non-dairy versions.  So of course here in the Capital Region, people get a charge out of asking for the most off the wall yogurt.  I get a charge out of saying "yes, we have that" with a thoughtful look and then leading them to the spot.

Food geekery reigns.

This week a few products stood out as ones I eventually want to try when my kitchen and pantry are a little less burdened by the bounty of summer produce!

Organic refridgerator biscuits.  They don't have the less desireable ingredients that most other general brands do.  I want to do crazy things with them like stuff them in muffin tins with good cheese and ham or bacon slices.  Don't you?

Small bottles of orange and lime and lemon oils - you'll actually be able to use that much oil in less time than it takes to turn completely rancid.

Acutally I already tried this pasta and I had to write about it because it is hands down some of the best pasta I have ever tasted!! It's like a nice little  twisted rope of pasta and completely soaks up any sauce, providing a toothy flavorful bite.  nom nom nom

So I highly recommend giving a good amount of time for your first visit.  There are thousands and thousands of delicious products plus the usual household items like laundry soaps and cheese cloth. I hope you enjoy all the luxurious parking too!!

The grand opening date is August 8, so watch for all the specials and sales and join in on the general revelry.

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