Tuesday, May 5, 2009

French fry omelette

An old friend told me about this omelette many years ago and I've tried it with varying success.

For demonstration purposes this instance is made from rasta fries. These fries were frozen, which I would not recommend. But you get the idea...

For this version I have used a dry skillet, not adding any oil or salt and taking advantage of the rasta seasoning. I scooped out the fries and quickly cooked the omelette, then added the fries back in for the final folding. [] I found the photo of the completed omelette, so it's below.

Although ketchup will be the most likely sauce, I rcommend going for an aioli or other sauce that will complement the thyme and peppers of the rasta seasoning. As I was folding the omelette I thought about a light schmeer of sour cream, which I also think would add something to the flavors without smothering them.

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