Wednesday, October 22, 2008

EATS - Stuyvesant Plaza

I shopped at EATS Gourmet Marketplace in Stuyvesant Plaza last night, a shop that has evoked mixed feelings in me since it opened awhile back. It makes me hope that someday we'll get something like The Cheese Connection back again, but EATS is definitely not "it".

I looked for their fabulous smoked whitefish, and there was none in the case. I ordered some great corned beef and gruyere, thinking sandwiches and French onion soup.

There were single eggs for sale at $.35, and I got a half dozen. The staff person told me that they are from the owner's chickens and I liked being able to pick my own half dozen. Now I'm thinking omelets and egg and cheese sandwiches. But there's no bread. There are tons of toney crackers, but no bread.

I've always been a bit mystified about why they don't have bread. I'll have to ask someday.

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