Sunday, September 14, 2014

Looking Back and Saying Goodbye to Longhouse Revival 2014

So why did I post all those teensy  posts?  To try to give a sense of in the minute experience of a quite interesting foodie weekend from Rensselaerville. [To see all the teensy posts click on the Longhouse Revival 2014 tag below]

So isn't the only foodie experience in Rensselaerville to be had at the Palmer House Cafe?


If you watch for it, the Longhouse Revival is an event that's a little difficult to pinpoint, but if you stare at a few websites and rub your eyes and read and have patience, the Revival will appear. Cook N Scribble or One Big Table are the folks to watch. You'll have to figure it all out for yourself on the website(s). I can't pretend to understand all the layers of what is going on, and that's most of what I like about its genius.

So I don't know exactly what happened this weekend, but I know that it had to do with food producers, chefs, food writers and media professionals gathering in the back of nowhere to tell stories, to make stories and to have some great food. It seemed small, but it was big.  The stories are powerful stories about producing good food in our interesting times. Plus, we had landjaeger in our swag bags.  Oh yeah.

The rustic setting is what it always is: charming, beautiful, away from city life and a pain in the ass. The chill and rain on Saturday afternoon threatened to dampen spirits, but being foodies, the wise organizers brought out the cheese and bourbon just in the nick of time. Nine hours of sitting downwind from the fire pit caused a sinus rebellion in my poor cold aching body, so I headed back to Albany before the reward of the slow cooked dinner. Returning to sun drenched fields today (Sunday), my spirits were back in place and I was drawn into the stories told by the articulate and sophisticated participants.

The Twitter hash tags are #lh2014 and #cooknscribble - see what others have to say about this wonderful oddball event.  Is it a conference?  a festival?  a symposium?  a circus? a chance to mingle with stars of the foodie world and eat the food of top chefs? Yes.

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