Sunday, February 9, 2014

Crodo, Not Cronut

After reading about it last year and going all the way out to East Greenbush or Schodack (where's that line again?), only to be told that they're gone, and that they're almost always gone very quickly, the stars aligned today and I was able to try the lovely crodo at Crisp Cannoli on Columbia turnpike.

The original press about this confection was all about the cronut, a donut made with croissant dough developed by Dominique Ansel. Yes.  It's true. A donut made with croissant pastry. It enjoyed some moments of fame in New York City, and made enough noise so that baker Jason Grant wanted to try it.  I'm soooooo glad he did.

I think the Crisp Canoli is producing a wonderful variety by using fillings and toppings for the pastry, which I was able to get at opening time this morning. Today they had Boston Cream, Raspberry, Strawberry Shortcake, and plain.  Not too long after that, their facebook page announced that they're all gone, but more batches are coming up for the afternoon. They clearly are gaining a following.

Mine was warm, delicate and perfectly balanced in flavor and texture. It had red raspberry filling and a lacy icing, and was dipped in sugar. I can't recall what I was imagining, but I would now describe the flavor as a blend of yeasty perfectly done pastry with a raspberry filling that beautifully complements it. It's fried at the Crisp Cannoli, but I think it also could be baked with excellent results. It has a tiny bit of tooth, but on the whole I found it to be tender rather than chewy. I didn't find the pastry to be very sweet, which is why the berry filling didn't take it over the top but balanced it instead.

They are making enough to provide them through several outlets for Valentine's Day, so scout out a nearby location and see what you think.

LorreBob gives it a thumbs up.

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