Friday, February 8, 2013


Is it just me, or have restaurants gotten darker and darker?  I was just reading an article about restaurants in New York who are not allowing customers to take photos of their food because the flashing was getting to be an enormous annoyance for everyone.  Well...I USTA be able to just quietly take out my phone and take a photo but I haven't  been posting lately because I can't get a photo that way anymore.  It's too dark.

Athos was the same way earlier this week when I visited with a friend.  She has taken to the restaurant and I know why.  Located at 1814 Western Ave., it has a very handsome and comfortable ambiance.  We slipped into a booth because we were there for wine and appetizers.

My friend was experienced, so she was a very helpful guide regarding how much to order.  We both enjoyed the cabernet sauvignon, and we got the shared salad for two, which was dressed with a subtle creamy house dressing that didn't cover up any flavors.

Pita with tapenade came with the table and the tapenade was a great start.

We added:

lightly sautéed kefalograviera cheese finished with table-side greek cognac flambé 10 †


grilled ground beef & lamb patties seasoned with mint, garlic, and onion 8  ◊

The cheese was strong, chewy and salty and was magnificent with the wine and the other flavors on the table, and the keftedies were perfectly grilled.

So I couldn't think of a better way to enjoy sitting with my friend, sharing our new haircuts and catching up with each other than this lovely spread of delicious food.  And I still can't, several days later.

When we left on that Tuesday night, the parking lot was full, but the restaurant had remained very quiet - a mark of excellent architecture in my book.  My friend explained that the family who owns the place had a restaurant that her family used to enjoy in New York City, and now they have relocated here.  I'm really glad they did!

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