Monday, August 16, 2010


Just a note:  it's the season for perfect peaches.  I have to admit that I swiped this photo because I ate all the peaches before I thought of taking a photo!!  The weekend before last I found BEAUTIFUL peaches at both The Berry Farm, where they were white peaches, and Golden Harvest Farms, where they were beautiful regular peaches - you can always count on Golden Harvest to have several varieties, however.

Do not miss this harvest - they are some of the most perfectly sweet, delicious and beautiful peaches I have seen in several years, with perfect flesh that is not too dry nor too mealy.

I managed to absorb three quarts just out of hand, peeling and slicing them and then enjoying every fresh peachy bite.  I limited myself to no more than two each day, and I just finished the last two for supper.

This coming weekend I will be out again and will try making peach butter with my bounty.

Go and get some yourself and tell me what  you do with them.

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