Monday, November 16, 2009

Iron Gate Cafe

I finally tried walking over to the Iron Gate Cafe and had this lovely brunch on Sunday. That's a lovely crab cake under the poached eggs and pesto sauce.

The ambiance and service are also good for a nice Saturday or Sunday brunch.


Anonymous said...

So, I've looked very very closely at this photo, and I don't see any pesto.

Where did the pesto go?

And what happened to that egg in front? Did you take a bite and put it back for the photo?

Did the eggs come peppered?
And how are the red potatoes? Some look burnished and lovely, while others look flabby and barely cooked?

Inquiring minds, you know.

Albany Jane said...

I second the profussor's questions. Pesto under the eggs, mayhap?

How were prices? I keep hearing that IGC is a decent brunch place. I always forget it's there since it's set so far back.

LorreS said...

Goodness! The pesto is in the Hollandaise sauce. And it is YUM.

The pepper is mine - also yum.

I stuck the fork in and remembered to take a photo. Should I have left the fork in ya think?

The brunch plate was $11.00