Friday, September 11, 2009

Breakfast hash variation - ham scramble

I got a huge ham steak in order to enjoy it a little at a a time by flavoring some of my favorite dishes like ham and beans. As I got down to the last little corner piece of it I was hankering for a nice breakfast hash and it seemed like the perfect flavor. I think calling it hash could actually annoy purists, so I'm calling it a scramble.

After the potatos were perfectly cooked I beat two fresh eggs and added them, folding gently until they were cooked through.

Ketchup as a condiment would fight with the ham, but the fresh tomato slices were lovely.

I got out one of my great aunt Emma's juice glasses for a rare breakfast juice treat and want to point out its size. Four ounces of juice was common in her day. It's really enough juice.

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Anonymous said...

Let's here it for small glassware!

You are totally right. 4oz of juice is plenty.