Thursday, July 23, 2009

Miso soup

My miso broth starts with kombe (kelp), washed and tossed into simmering water. Then goes the bonito flakes - I've taken to putting them in a tea caddy so they are easily pulled out. This simmers for a bit until I can start to smell the aromas.

The kombe must come out, because it's not really very nice to eat. At this point I also take out the bonito flakes since they have rendered the right flavor.

The miso must be gently introduced to the broth so that it's not killed.

Scooping up the hot broth, which has now been removed from the heat, is done a little at a time so that you end with a fairly thin mixture. Once the miso is warmed up it can be added to the broth, along with the tofu and rinsed wakame.

Delicious warmth and wonderfulness.

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Albany Jane said...

I never thought to put the bonito flakes in a tea strainer! Excellent idea - this will save me so much work!